impact starts at what we use

and therefore, we use what is there.

Since there's only a fixed amount of stuff in existence, how we obtain and utilize it is crucial. Hence, we strive for transparency in our supply chain, trustworthiness in our partners, and a positive impact overall.

Banana Fiber

At AGOJI Studio, we're pioneering an innovative approach by developing a fiber sourced from banana trees — a resource that grows fruit once and then becomes waste, mostly burned afterwards. Our commitment extends beyond mere use; we're actively involved in refining this material, transforming what would be discarded into a valuable textile resource. This ongoing development is part of our dedication to pioneering sustainable materials that leave a positive footprint.

Re-purposed Cotton

Our Uganda #1 bag stands as a testament to sustainable practices, crafted entirely from 100% recycled cotton. This isn't just any cotton; it's sourced right in Kampala, upcycled from local T-shirt production, ensuring that we're not adding to the demand for new materials. The fabric is transformed, woven into distinctive patterns that give our bags their unique identity and appeal.