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Employment Impact at Arise Kollections LTD

Arise Kollections LTD has become a pivotal source of stability for our staff, with a striking 90% serving as the primary earners in their households. The collaboration with AGOJI Studio has not only provided a lifeline but has actively sustained the livelihoods of these families.

Our partnership has been instrumental in maintaining employment for the 15 dedicated individuals at Arise Kollections, alongside two artisans in the weaving group. This translates to a total of 17 jobs secured, directly impacting the lives and communities of those involved.

Looking ahead, Arise Kollections is poised to extend its reach, offering employment opportunities to even more women from challenging backgrounds — women who are often sidelined in the job market.

The ripple effect of this employment is tangible. It's a change that goes beyond the individual, fostering a better quality of life as these working parents bring their earnings home, thereby nurturing their families and fuelling the local economy. This cycle of income and support is a testament to the transformative power of job creation.