Step 1: Material Sourcing

In a world where "sustainable" is often just a label, AGOJI Studio does more than just talk the talk. We're about action, not empty promises. Our material sourcing is a direct hit against the wasteful practices rampant in the fashion industry. We use cotton leftovers from t-shirt production of fine spinners in Kampala, not because it's trendy, but because we refuse to be part of the problem. 

Step 2: Production Site Selection

Our production facility in Kampala isn't a feel-good story; it's a hard-hitting response to the inequalities plaguing the fashion industry. In cooperation with Arise Kollection, we're are turning a production site into a launchpad for opportunities, especially for women. This isn't charity; it's change. We're setting a new standard, showing what it really means to empower communities, by working closely with Arise Kollection and developing the products in co-creation.

Step 3: Handbag Production

At AGOJI Studio, we're crafting more than just handbags; we're weaving a new narrative. Our production is a deliberate move against the grain - an effort to balance the scales in an industry that’s long been unbalanced. We focus on skills and opportunities for women including sewing workshops and hands-on advice, not as a marketing ploy, but as a necessary step towards real, tangible equality.

Step 4: Shipment and Distribution

Let's cut to the chase: our shipping isn't perfect. We're in the infancy stage of our journey, and we're not as sustainable as we'd like to be yet. Our current method, small-scale air shipments from Uganda to Lisbon, isn't the pinnacle of sustainability. We're upfront about it - we're in the early stages, learning and growing. Each shipment is a stepping stone towards more efficient, eco-friendly solutions. This is about progress, not pretence. We're on a journey to transform our logistics into something that truly embodies our vision for a greener, more equitable world.

Step 5: Storage

When our handbags reach Lisbon, they're not stored in some high-end warehouse. They come to our living room - literally. This is where the real deal happens. We personally handle quality testing because if it's not good enough for us, it's not good enough for you. Each bag gets the AGOJI Studio label, produced in Berlin, a mark of authenticity and pride. The packaging? That's on us too. No outsourcing, no cutting corners. Just us, our hands, and our commitment to delivering something genuinely exceptional. When the bag lands at your home, it's not just a product; it's a piece of our world, straight from our hands to yours.

Welcome to the AGOJI Studio fam!